The Score Report

Advocate Based Tracking

Remarkably Simple.    Remarkably Effective.    Remarkably Priced.

The Score Report is a tracking and surveying system that provides real-time results of your organization’s sales, prospects, incentive program, advocates and employees. Most importantly, your employees will actually use it.

You can find tracking systems that are more complicated. You can utilize a Customer Relation Management System (CRM). While we agree that many of these systems have great features, the reality is that the majority of your employees will find them too complicated, view them as extra work and cumbersome and will never use them to their full potential. The result – you pay for features that your organization will never use. In fact, some of these systems go completely unused!

We have found a balance. The Score Report is very affordable and will meet the budget constraints of any organization. We track what are important, results and advocates. We also have detailed month-end reporting. The Score Report allows your organization to finally develop a “core score” for every employee. Our automated and anonymous employee engagement survey allows your organization to know how effectively it is being lead and managed. Our automated customer surveys allow direct feedback for quality control and innovation.

The Score Report will insure that you have the information necessary to compete and win without additional employee cost and frustration!